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Identify a classic iPod. iPod classic models are a variety of early iPods that aren't necessarily numbered by generation. The classic line includes the original iPod (2001) through the iPod Mini. If your iPod doesn't have a touch screen, is rectangular, and is relatively bulky, you probably have an iPod Classic Lower prices, better hardware. Like the original 5G line, the new 5G iPod is available in two sizes. However, instead of 30GB and 60GB models, the new line gets you 30GB for $249 and a whopping. The iPod Classic is a portable media player made by Apple Inc. To date, there have been six models of the iPod Classic, as well as the iPod Photo. All models use a 1.8-inch hard drive for storage. The name Classic, which is a retronym or a name that was given later on, started with the sixth-generation iPod Classic on 5 September 2007. Before this, an iPod Classic was simply called an iPod. A recent study by the Consumers Digest foundation, the Guinness Book of Records and the Apple Inc sale Refurbished Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation Silver 160GB Mint! 30 Day Warranty. 4.5 out of 5 stars (427) 427 product ratings - Refurbished Apple iPod Classic 7th Generation Silver 160GB Mint! 30 Day Warranty. $184.00. $5.70 shipping. Only 1 left! Apple iPod Classic 6th Gen 120GB A1238. $64.99

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  1. Apple iPod Classic 5th, 6th, or 7th Generation (30GB, 60GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB) 45 Day Guarantee! Tested + Fully Functional. Refurbished. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 1150 product ratings. - Apple iPod Classic 5th, 6th, or 7th Generation (30GB, 60GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB) C $100.02 to C $251.95. Top Rated Seller
  2. The final generation of the iPod classic was introduced in September 2009, and while the product's demise was rumored a number of times over the years, the product lasted a full five years with.
  3. um. The highest capacity model offered 160GB of storage, which remains..
  4. Buy iPod; Questions about iPod; Can the iPod Touch last generation be updated to use latest iOS 14
  5. History of the iPod Classic - YouTube. The beginning of the iPod Classic line actually dates back to the original iPod released in 2001. Now at this time, Apple was still enjoying the success of t.
  6. Amazing Condition! All Gens, Colors, and Sizes . Refurbished. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 1098 product ratings. - Apple iPod Classic 5th 6th 7th Generation 30GB 60GB 80GB 120GB 160GB All Colors. C $89.34 to C $236.23
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  1. How to fix every iPod Classic. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid.
  2. Answer now (Will this cable work with a Panasonic bluray player with 30-pin iPod dock.) No answers yet will this adaptor work in an ipod classic dock so i can listen to my new ipod nano 7th generation
  3. A Professionally Built and Upgraded iPod Classic 7th Gen - MANY NEW COLORS This upgraded 7th Generation iPod Classic is a beauty. This unit has New Front and Rear Housings, a New Battery, a New TARKAN Board and your choice of memory options., 256GB, 384GB, 512GB, or 1TB of SDXC Memory or 256GB o
  4. Nowadays the iPod Classic is long-gone, and all that remains is the iPod touch and the portability-focussed Nano and Shuffle. It's been a massive 15 years since the first generation of iPod was.
  5. When first introduced, the iPod 1G only existed in a 5 GB version. The 10 GB version was added in March 2002 . The iPod 1G is the only iPod ever to have a physically-movable scroll wheel. Apart from this, other unique features of the iPod 1G include: The last version of the iPod Software that can be applied on 1st-generation iPods is version 1.5
  6. As of September 5, 2007, the full-sized iPod turned six (as in sixth-generation) and, because of the existence of the iPhone-like iPod touch, was pronounced a classic— the iPod classic. Offering.

Word on the street is that Apple is very close to discontinuing the iPod Classic for good. I bought a brand new 160GB iPod Classic in June 2010 (during the last iteration of this rumor). I am an iPhone and iPod Touch user, but for music, I don't think anything beats a simple, dedicated device. I want to keep my iPod Classic going for as long as. But first, how about a little reminder of exactly what iPods we've seen over the last 15 years: iPod 'classic' models (2001-2014): iPod shuffles (2005-present) 1st Generation iPods (Classic, Original, Gen 1, G1, 1G) The G1(1st generation) has mechanical buttons around the moving mechanical scroll wheel, with each stretching over one quarter of the outer circumference of the wheel. The Gen 1 iPod has a white plastic top plate around the FireWire port, headphone port and 'Hold' switch 1 offer from $599.99. Gray Apple iPod Classic Hard Case with Aluminum Plating 80gb 120gb 160gb. 3.1 out of 5 stars. 10. $37.05. MP3 Player, Aigital Music MP3 Player with Speaker Up to 128GB Expanded, HiFi Lossless Sound Portable MP3 MP4 Player, Voice Recording, E-Book,Game, Video Player, Earphones Included - Built-in 8GB. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 23.

I have a 5th gen iPod, now called classic (no such tag when purchased), 80 GB, software version 1.1.2 and it works fine with iTunes version running on Windows 10 Home 64-bit version 1903 OS build 18362.418, and has never stopped working through all the iTunes and Windows upgrades/changes since iPod was bought more than a decade ago Original title: Windows 10 unable to recognize 160 GB iPod Classic as an iPod. I upgraded to Windows 10 a while ago and have not had any major problems. However, I have an infrequently used iPod Classic (160GB) and I use it to backup my music collection, which currently stands at about 25,000 tunes The iPod classic was part of Apple's lineup starting in October 23, 2001. The product hadn't been updated since the 6th generation version was released in 2009; over the last five years, it has.

The iPod Classic became an enduring icon largely because it contained a compact, 1.8in 160GB HDD - that was something like two-and-a-half times more capacious than its closest competitor, and. I have owned two different iPods, the first being a 60gb classic and the second being a 4th generation 32gb iPod touch. The classic has lasted me for 6 years and I haven't had any problems with it, only scuffs from use. The iPod touch is a lot more fragile, but it has lasted me since release with only a small break on the glass iPod Classic 7th Generation 160GB 7G Space Gray (Latest)がケースストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く) The 6th-gen iPod Classic would be the last device to feature a physical click wheel and the 30-pin connector, and had storage that maxed out at 160 GB. I actually still have a working, 6th-gen.

L'iPod di prima generazione è stato presentato e messo in commercio il 23 ottobre 2001; prima della commercializzazione, era noto col nome in codice di dulcimer.. La sigla finale del nome è l'abbreviazione di 1st Generation, specifica cioè la prima generazione di modelli di iPod classic.. Originariamente era dotato di un hard disk da 5 GB, in grado di memorizzare 1.000 canzoni in formato. For example, you might have a 4G 20GB iPod, or a 2G 4GB iPod shuffle. So we created this handy chart to help you identify exactly which iPod you have. Note that not every iteration was considered a new generation. The fourth generation iPod, for example, initially had a black and white screen, then was re-released with a color screen L'iPod classic 160 Go (fin 2009) est doté d'une unité de disque dur, d'un grand écran couleur et d'une molette cliquable, et peut afficher des photos et des vidéos. La synchronisation des données s'effectue via une connexion USB. L'iPod classic existe en argent et en noir Apple iPod (7th generation) review: Still here for the non-streamers. Review An assessment or critique of a service, product, or creative endeavour such as art, literature or a performance. For. I know the iPod Generation kicked off the rip/mix/burn-it-like-you-wanna thing, but if I want to hear the damn album the way it was released, then I should be able to. In the iPod world, this possibility didn't materialize until the 5th Gen iPod (video). Now that I have the newest Classic, I really, really appreciate this. - The Sound

The iPod Classic, as the famous scroll-wheel design is now known, hasn't been updated now since September 2009, with a modest capacity jump from 120GB to 160GB The sixth-generation iPod Nano has lost the rear-facing camera introduced in 2009. The new Nano has also lost more than half of the previous generation's size shrinking down to 1.48 inches tall.

iPod touch User Guide: iPod classic User Guide: iPod nano User Guide: iPod shuffle User Guide: To view on iPod touch: Install the free iBooks app, then download the guide from the iBookstore. Previous version For iPod with a click wheel, such as iPod classic, soft reset the iPod and then press both the Center and Play/Pause buttons for a few seconds to switch to the disk mode. For iPod with a touch or scroll wheel, also soft reset it and then hold down the Previous and Next buttons at the same time to go to the disk mode The last iPod Classic to be released, which was discontinued in 2014, still used a hard disk drive. Hard disk drives, which use magnets, aren't meant to last long term

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  1. iPod nano (6th generation) and later. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the screen goes blank. Wait 30 seconds, then press the Sleep/Wake button again to restart. iPod nano (5th generation) and earlier. Turn off the Hold switch by sliding it so you can't see any orange. Press and hold the Play/Pause button until the screen goes blank
  2. The iPod Classic looks like the 5th Generation iPod, but with a metal front case and multiple case color options. Troubleshooting and replacing parts is somewhat complex, but we have made it easier below. Note: There are two versions of iPod Classic: thin and thick. The thin version refers to the 80 GB, 120 GB, and thin 160 GB models
  3. The iPod Classic remained mostly unchanged, reflecting the fact that the market had largely shifted in favor of the smaller, cheaper Nano. A new 120 GB iPod Classic replaced the 80 and 160 GB.
  4. To reset a classic iPod, press and hold the Menu and Select buttons for about 8 seconds until the Apple logo appears. Make sure to order the display for the 4th Generation iPod or Photo, or the display will not work. 2. Toggle the Hold switch on. Follow the previous steps in reverse to reattach all of your components and close up your iPod
  5. Installation of the Rockbox bootloader on iPod Classic (80/120/160 GB) Last updated: 14 August 2018. This page will contain a link to the most recent version of the bootloader, until it gets merged into Rockbox, and the Classics become an officially supported target. When this happens, this page will redirect to Rockbox's installation instructions
  6. iPod Classic (6th Gen+, let me know if it work with earlier models)(Thick or thin should be fine, I've only done thin) 3.5mm to Bluetooth Transmitter. iFlash SD Card Board (Single or Quad, the Dual will not work) Soldering Iron with fine tip. Solder + Flux. Thin Gauge Wire. Drill with 1mm drill bit (And others) Thin round file. Hot Glue Gu
  7. Use the iPod buttons and Touch Wheel to navigate through the onscreen menus, play songs, change settings, and view information. Move your thumb along the Touch Wheel to highlight a menu item. Press the Select button to select the item. Press the Menu button to go back to the previous menu. LL2595_border.book Page 15 Wednesday, April 28, 2004 3.

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  1. @Quinn - This is a guide for the iPod Classics - 6g-7g, not the iPod Videos (5g/5.5g) -With the 5.5g once you install Rockbox, you need to boot back in to the Apple OS to do your transfers under the Apple USB Handler - as the Rockbox USB Handler has issues with solid state drives
  2. or scratches on the back cover. Never been opened or repaired.. With original box and extra accessories, and new earbuds, as you can see on fotos
  3. Thanks to Pichi's work, Schultz's modded iPod now has about 100 hours of music playback and can hold tens of thousands of songs. Without any mods, the original fifth-generation iPod Classic lasted up to 14 hours with music playback for the 30 GB model and up to 20 hours with the 80 GB model. He now uses it to play, he says, a lot of.
  4. g up to snuff, you can perform a simple test before heading to your local Apple Store for a replacement
  5. If it is out of warranty, Apple will replace the battery in your iPod shuffle -- whether it is the original iPod shuffle, the iPod shuffle 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen or 4th Gen-- at a cost of US$49 plus US$6.95 shipping
  6. A cheap iPod for everyone. After 20 years of existence, the iPod has come in many different forms - Classic, Mini, Nano, Shuffle and Touch. This range of choice means you can find the perfect device for your needs, with regard to storage capacity and color in particular
  7. 125. 28. Mar 20, 2015. #1. I have an iPod Classic, that is experiencing signs of hard drive failure similar to my old 80GB that died a while back. It is a 160GB Gen 7 Classic and upon the least sync to add 4 new songs and to include a new playlist, it will play 2/3 of one song, skips one, and the other 2 play as normal

The instructions above are applicable to iPod versions, touch, classic and nano. Arthur Cole He also has a more than 10-year experience in program development for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android.Arthur Cole is a writer with deep expertise in programming, who can easily.. hi all.. i have an Ipod classic 4th Gen 20Gb. it can play music and it work, My problem is the LCD backlight is on but nothing appear on display.. is there any solution or the only solution is LCD replacement ? please help. thanks. detaildigiprint - 04/16/2016 Reply

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2012-08-21 17:55:17. Plug the iPod into your computer, open up iTunes (or download/install it if you don't already have it), click the iPod at the left and click Restore. This will completely delete everything on the device and restore it to factory settings. Then just sign in with your own Apple account and download the apps you want Last one. 7 watchers. T S T K p 3 o n s o r Q e d K 1 B 2 K J. Stunning Apple iPod Classic 30GB 5th Gen U2 Special Edition Black/Red Excellent. Pre-owned. EUR 377.35. Time left 1d 20h left. New listing Apple iPod Classic 5th Generation 80GB Black Model A1136 - Good condition. Pre-owned. EUR 81.16. Customs services and international tracking. If you still have iTunes not syncing troubles with your iPod, check out the tricks below. 2. iPod Touch Won't Add Or Sync Music After Update/Restore. Question: Recently I updated my iPod Touch 5th Gen to the latest iOS 9.3.5 and now I am not able to add or delete songs from the iPod via iTunes To use iPod classic, you put music, videos, photos, and other files on your computer and then add them to iPod classic. iPod classic is a music player and much more. Use iPod classic to: Previous/Rewind Play/Pause Dock connector Headphones port Click Wheel Next/Fast-forward Center button. 6 Chapter If you have an iPod Classic 6G, and need to fix it or repair a part like a screen or battery, we have 100% factory tested, high quality iPod Classic replacement and repair parts to help you restore your iPod to full working condition. Another option, instead of purchasing a whole new unit, is to get the iPod parts tha

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If you're still rocking a 2nd generation iPod Touch, the frozen screen you have no is probably not the first problem you've had with it, Fortunately this one shouldn't be too hard to fix and this video will show you how to unfreeze you screen and get back to music All the iPhones that Apple sells right now, ranked. These are the best graphics cards money can buy today. A new 7th-gen iPod Touch will set you back £199 (with 32GB of storage), £299 (with. You probably won't be too surprised to discover that, on the off chance your iPod gets confused or refuses to turn on, you can fix it by resetting it and restarting the system — just like computers and other iPods. Resetting does not restore the iPod touch to its original factory condition, nor does it [

Apple iPod Classic / Video 5th Gen. (A1136) 30GB - Black - No Power. Poor cosmetic condition. Feels lightweight, like a previous user removed the hard drive. Selling as is, I do not know the history of the item. Thanks for looking The traditional full-sized iPod was renamed the iPod classic (a name Apple paid $1 million to use with the 1990 Macintosh Classic) and was to be the last hard-drive based version of the iPod. It had a new interface that included Cover Flow, a feature introduced with iTunes. The iPod classic was available in the highest capacity to date: 160 GB The iPod Classic (a.k.a. the 6th Generation iPod) was part of the continued evolution of the original iPod line that began in 2001. It was also the final iPod from the original line. When Apple discontinued the device in 2014, smartphones (including iOS-based devices like the iPhone) dominated the market and made standalone MP3 players irrelevant The iPod classic can hold 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video and has 36 hours of battery life. It can store photos, and play extremely limited, classic iPod games. It requires a tethered connection to a Windows or Mac PC running iTunes to transfer audio files and playlists. It also has a small screen and doesn't run iOS so can't run apps or games from the App Store 1TB iPod Classic is a music junkie's dream. The iPod was an instant classic — killed off in an instant by the iPhone. But the iPod has a Dr. Frankenstein in Remy Sternbach. The San Diego tech.

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1st place: 5.5th Gen Classic. First place goes to the 5.5th Gen Enhanced iPod - the last iPod released in the 5th Generation iPod family. Be careful not to confuse this with the 6th generation ipod called Apple iPod 'Classic' which looks almost identical. The 6th Generation has the aluminium front. The 5th Gen family has a plastic front case Feb 6, 2014. #2. Interesting, the pictures in the Apple forum look legit, so maybe the rule changed for certain regions within EU? Apple may have quietly made hardware changes that only allow an update to firmware version 2.0.5, but you can download 2.0.5 yourself from 3rd party sites, for example: iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV Firmware Download An iPod (Classic - also known as iPod 6G/7G) (It works for Nanos, but the files are different!) Computer with Windows (Linux tutorial coming soon, it's mostly the same except that you don't need to care about drivers, but need to build ipodscsi from source) Patience; Overview of the procedure. You put the iPod into DFU mod Reasons why you should be using iPod in 2020. Apple released SEVEN generations of iPod Classic since 2001. And no, it is not outdated, at least not yet. So bring out those iPods laying around somewhere collecting dust, because we are about to tell you why you should be using iPod in 2020: Reason 1: Update Your iPods with the Latest Musi

Dec. 9, 2014. Some things get better with age — wine, cheese, George Clooney and the iPod Classic. The discontinued dinosaur of a device breathed its last breath earlier this year, when it was. The hard-drive-based iPod classic doesn't use Apple Mobile Device USB Driver to connect with iTunes. If your iPod classic won't connect to iTunes, follow the below iPod guide to have a try Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black - 7th Generation I'm very happy with the Apple iPod Classic 160GB I purchased from 'jonlw'. It arrived a couple of days after purchase and it was in excellent condition (hardly a mark on it) Location. In the Pub. Website. www.last.fm. Aug 11, 2010. #2. I don't think there is an official 7th generation moniker for the Classic, maybe a late 2009 edition when Apple re-introduced a 160GB model. As for the differences, the newer 160GB model is thinner (and more reliable) since it uses a single-platter hard disk rather than a double

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The Classic debuted a few months after the first iPhone in 2007, and was the only iPod to still use the click wheel. The largest size, at 160GB, could hold 40,000 songs The iPod died slowly, then all at once. After nearly 16 years on the market, more than 400 million units sold, and one Cupertino company launched into the stratosphere on its back, Apple quietly. I had an ipod classic, very happy with it, there were about 5000 of my favorite songs on it. I can't find it, looked everywhere and realize I lost it or it was stolen somehow. Anyway, i recently bought a replacement on ebay. 160 g, 7th generation. It works and looks excellent. I thought I could copy my itunes songs from my mac- but no In some peoples' opinion the iPods with Wolfson DACs sound better than the ones with Cirrus DACs. That is a comparison between iPods. Now, as far as overall sound quality goes - iPods are not amazing or state of the art sound. In fact the 5.5 Gen iPod suffers from distortion when you use the equalizer presets - this is a known issue

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IPod classic da 160 gb, perfettamente funzionante. Sorrento (NA)25 giu alle 18:20. 130 € Spedizione disponibile. 3 We stand behind all our repairs. We offer a 1 year warranty on all screen repair services and 90 days on all other repair services This isn't unique to the new iPod touch however, as the 6th-gen model also supports iOS 12. iOS 12.3.1 is the latest stable version of the mobile operating system that's available to iPod. As expected, Apple has added the seventh-generation iPod nano to its list of Vintage and Obsolete products, officially designating the last iPod in the iconic nano lineup as vintage.. The.

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This is the 4th iPod that I have purchased. The last iPod was the 160 GB with a rotating hard disk and I had that one filled up halfway pretty quickly. Not to mention knowing that the hard disk would one day eventually fail. The screen area for the 7th generation iPod is really nice as well Coming in at $40, the most expensive part was the color screen Dupont used to replace the iPod's original display (the 4th-generation model was the last one to ship with a monochromatic screen) Itunes not recognizing ipod classic Last seen November 28, 2014 Nov 28, 2014 at 10:08 PM. I have an ] touch 2 gen, and my computer ALWAYS recognizes it as a Digital Camera . I have tried every one of your steps, but the problem is that when I look for the Apple file in program files, it isn't there. Answer 3 / 17 Step 1: Getting the Custom Firmware. First, we need to find out if you have a 5th gen or 5.5 gen. NOTE: this does not work on any other ipod than the ipod video. [That means shuffle, touch, nano [all], classic, chromatic and mini!] To find this out, go to music [the menu with playlists, artists, etc.] and scroll to the very bottom

View History. iPod 6th Gen (iPod Classic) Release Date: 09/05/2007. Storage: 80 & 160 GB. Battery Life: 30/40 hours audio, 5/7 hours video. Notable Features: Aluminum body construction. Nearly a. 256GB iPod Classic 7th Gen 160GB Black &Silver Custom U2 Model & 1800mAh Battery. AU $430.68. AU $7.72 postage. SPONSORED. Silver New Apple iPod classic 7th Generation 120GB (Lastest Model) Warranty. 4.5 out of 5 stars (210) 210 product ratings - Silver New Apple iPod classic 7th Generation 120GB (Lastest Model) Warranty I have owned this ipod for almost two years after upgrading from the ipod classic 160gb and all i have to say is this model stinks. It wont hold charge at all even with everything turned off but the music app. Just plain unacceptable. Im going to try and get another ipod classic 160gb


A first generation iPod (right) and an iPod Mini (left) First generation iPod by itself Comparison of 5th and 6th generation iPod classics. iPods; iPod classic (Category) | iPod mini (Category) This page was last edited on 27 May 2018, at 23:48 The iPod Classic extends into 6 generations of iPod MP3 music players, with each generation boasting an improved addition of features or apps to the previous one(s). Then you have the iPod Mini, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Shuffle as your other options. Buy iPods Online. Shop for iPods online to enjoy shopping luxuries such as checking out the. Previous Page. Next Page. Battery Replacement for Apple iPOD Classic 160GB iPod Video 60GB MA003*/A iPod Video 60GB MA003X/A iPod Video 60GB MA147J/A iPod Video 60GB MA003TA/A iPOD Video MA448LL/A B6DAH 696-0106 B5LAA 616-0232. Apple iPod classic 160GB MC297LL/A 7th Generation MP3/MP4 Player - Black The iPod Nano joins the iPod classic, the fourth-generation iPod shuffle, and the fifth-generation iPod Touch as part of its Vintage range of products. This means the product has not been. In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make iPods go in disk mode and to stay in disk mode. This is a new technique on how to get and stay in disk mode so viewers can restore their iPod to factory settings and get it working again. Viewers will need an iPod charger adapter. To go into disk mode, viewers need to hold the center and Menu button the same time

The iPod (3rd Generation) used the same new-look OS as the simultaneously-released iPod classic, and was available in two capacities: the 4 GB model was available in silver only for $149. The 8 GB model, available in silver, black, blue, green and a (PRODUCT) RED special edition, sold for $199 The new iPod touch that Apple launched this week is a significant update over its predecessor (and considering the last model launched in 2012, it had better be!). Let's compare the 6th-generation. The demise of the Apple iPod has opened up the market for other portable music player brands, including Cowon. The Cowon Plenue D2 (or PD2) is the next-gen version of one of the most impressive budget players we've encountered - the Award winning Plenue D

Apple - iPod touch® 256GB MP3 Player (7th Generation - Latest Model) - Space Gray. Model: MVJE2LL/A. SKU: 4900966. User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 231 reviews. (231) $399.99. Your price for this item is $ 399.99. Add to Cart. See More Options Songs of course, are 99 cents each. And, like the last generation Photo iPod, it shows photos too. . . and it syncs calendar and contacts with MS Outlook. And unlike earlier generation iPods, it's not shockingly expensive. OK, I'm game! The Basic AFUNTA Screen Protectors for iPod Nano 7th 8th Generation, Set of 3 Full Coverage Tempered Glass Protective Films, HD Clear Anti-Scratches Bubble Free for Apple iPod Nano 7 8 4.5 out of 5 stars 111 £6.99 £ 6 . 9 My mother-in-law recently gifted me a bag of the family's retired iPods. I had forgotten how good it feels to hold and use one of these things. Naturally, I decided to modify one. I wanted to supply some modern features (streaming, search, Bluetooth audio, etc), while paying homage to the amazing UX that Apple originally released almost 20 years ago. Fast forward a few months - here's the sPot. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms

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The 2019 seventh-generation iPod touch feels outdated. It's time for Apple to upgrade it or let it die as the last iPod the company ever made Ipod) does nothing, your comp doesn't even recognise it, iTunes also - then you might need to do the following : 1) Start your iTunes and connect your iPod touch to your comp. 2) Keep holding the POWER button (top right) together with the HOME button (centre, bellow the ipod screen) for about 10 seconds Why the loss of the iPod Classic is bad news for music fans. Alongside the reveal of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch comes news that the 160GB model of Apple's iconic music player is being. The first couple generations of iPod have their own button sequences, but they're just as easy to actuate. Apple recommends a few other steps if this doesn't remedy your problem, including.