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A Lucrezia Borgia, Gaetano Donizetti kétfelvonásos operája, prológussal.Szövegét Victor Hugo regénye nyomán Felice Romani írta. Az opera első bemutatójára 1833. december 26-án került sor a milánói Scalában.Magyarországon először 1839. augusztus 31-én mutatták be a pesti Nemzeti Színházban, magyar nyelven Lucrezia Borgia is a melodramma, or opera, in a prologue and two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Felice Romani wrote the Italian libretto after the play by Victor Hugo, in its turn after the legend of Lucrezia Borgia. Lucrezia Borgia was first performed on 26 December 1833 at La Scala, Milan with Lelande and Pedrazzi [Below: Renée Fleming is Lucrezia Borgia; edited image, based on a Cory Weaver photograph, courtesy of the San Francisco Opera. Fleming chose a Donizetti role, the title one in his Lucrezia Borgia, that Montserrat Caballe, Leyla Gencer and Beverly Sills had successfully revived in the 1960s and 1970s, and proposed a major rethinking of. Lucrezia Borgia | Donizetti | Opera | Ópera de Oviedo | Teatro Campoamor | Oviedo, Spain | 2021-12-07 | Mutass többe Lucrezia Borgia è un' opera di Gaetano Donizetti, su libretto di Felice Romani, tratto dall' omonima tragedia di Victor Hugo. La prima rappresentazione dell'opera inaugurò la stagione di Carnevale del Teatro alla Scala di Milano il 26 dicembre 1833

A notorious femme fatale renowned for her ruthless pursuit ofpower reveals poignant vulnerability when she comes face to facewith her long-lost son in this c.. El 1 de abril de 2017 la función se transmitirá en directo de manera gratuíta mediante la plataforma Opera Platform.Lucrezia Borgia de Gaetano Donizetti. Col..

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Lucrezia Borgia fut ensuite montée à New York (Astor Place Opera House) en 1847 et repris en 1854 avec Giulia Grisi et en 1876 avec Thérèse Tietjens et le ténor Pasquale Brignoli. Thérèse Tietjens, qui avait chanté le rôle pour la première fois à Hambourg en 1849 , le chanta fréquemment et en fut, au XIX e siècle , la plus. Misc. Notes Naples, Biblioteca del Conservatorio di musica S. Pietro a Majella, IT-NA0059. The original 2 volumes are completely messed up. Vol.1 contains the Prologue of Lucrezia Borgia, additional (brass and percussion) scores for the whole opera and Finale I of Chi dura vince by Luigi Ricci.Vol.2 contains acts I and II of Lucrezia Borgia and additional score for the chorus from act I (Qui. Ha arról esik szó, Victor Hugo mely drámáival ihletett opera írására zeneszerzőket, a Rigoletto és az Ernani Verdijét említjük. Holott a nagy francia költő és író 1833-ban keletkezett színműve, a Lucrèce Borgia szolgált alapul a bel canto korszak nagy alkotója, Donizetti számára, hogy megírja Lucrezia Borgia című operáját, melyet ugyanabban az esztendőben mutattak. Lucrezia Borgia ist eine Opera seria (Originalbezeichnung: Melodramma) in einem Prolog und zwei Akten (fünf Bildern) von Gaetano Donizetti mit einem Libretto von Felice Romani nach dem Drama Lucrèce Borgia von Victor Hugo.Die Uraufführung fand am 26. Dezember 1833 im Teatro alla Scala in Mailand statt Lucrezia Borgia är en italiensk opera i en prolog och två akter med musik av Gaetano Donizetti och libretto av Felice Romani efter pjäsen Lucrèce Borgia av Victor Hugo som i sin tur bygger på historien om den verkliga Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519). Historia. Operan hade premiär den 26.

Gaetano Donizetti's opera, Lucrezia Borgia, takes place in Venice and Ferrara, Italy, during the 16th century. The Opera premiered on December 26, 1833, in La Scala, Milan The opera Lucrezia Borgia - which Gaetano Donizetti composed on a libretto by Felice Romani - is not based on the story of Lucrezia Borgia, but rather on the story written in 1883 by Victor Hugo: Lucrèce Borgia, which forever nails in the collective imagination the Duchess to the role of a lustful poisoner, an incestuous murderer with no heart or scruples *Lucrezia Borgia* belongs to that latter group, and it might well have earned a place alongside *Lucia* and *L'Elisir* if Donizetti had been able to take more time in its composition (the booklet essay relates how the first rehearsals came only a week after Felice Romani had delivered the libretto to the composer!)

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  1. Lucrezia Bori was born on 24 December 1887, in Valencia, Spain. Her real name was Lucrecia Borja y González de Riancho. Her father was an officer in the Spanish army. Her family were descended from the influential family of the Italian Renaissance, the House of Borgia and she herself was named after her ancestor, Lucrezia Borgia
  2. Lucrezia Borgia. Melodramma in un prologo e due atti. di Felice Romani. Personaggi: Don Alfonso, Duca di Ferrara (basso) Donna Lucrezia Borgia, Duchessa di Ferrara (soprano) Gennaro (tenore) Maffio Orsini (contralto) Jeppo Livoretto (tenore
  3. On the topic of operas inspired by the dramas of Victor Hugo, we might also mention Verdi's Rigoletto and Ernani. It was the great French poet and writer's 1833 play Lucrèce Borgia, though, that Donizetti, a great figure of the bel canto era, used as a basis to write his opera Lucrezia Borgia, which received its première in the same year that Hugo's drama itself was first staged
  4. As Lucrezia Borgia it was hard to hate her but it was also hard to love her. Remigio's Borgia was the ultimate contradiction with a number of complex facets explored throughout the opera. The first of these was the suffering mother
  5. The last time New York saw a staged prodtiction of Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia was at the Metropolitan Opera in 1904, and it had only one performance there. Last night, the New York City.
  6. Festival Donizetti Opera, Teatro Sociale, Bergamo, Italy. Friday, November 22nd, 2019. Lucrezia Borgia is very much the ultimate boys' night out in Venice gone wrong. After all, it makes for quite a hangover
  7. Lucrezia Borgia es un melodramma, u ópera, en un prólogo y dos actos compuesta por Gaetano Donizetti.El libreto fue escrito por Felice Romani basándose en el drama homónimo de Victor Hugo, a su vez según la leyenda de Lucrecia Borgia.Se estrenó en La Scala de Milán el 26 de diciembre de 1833 con Lelande y Pedrazzi. Aunque no se representa tan regularmente como algunas de las partituras.

But Lucrezia Borgia is like a carefully constructed short story where there is not one word too many, and in fact Donizetti revised the opera several times so maybe there is not one note too many either. It is this stark minimalism that shunts this blunt opera from masterpiece status Lucrezia Borgia. Opera in tre atti. Composer: Gaetano Donizetti Librettist: Felice Romani Source: Lucrèce Borgia, drama by Victor Hugo First performance: original version: Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 26 December 183 A Lucrezia Borgia, Gaetano Donizetti kétfelvonásos operája, prológussal. Szövegét Victor Hugo regénye nyomán Felice Romani írta. Az opera első bemutatójára 1833. december 26-án került sor a milánói Scalában. Magyarországon először 1839. augusztus 31-én mutatták be a pesti Nemzeti Színházban, magyar nyelven Lucrezia Borgia was the most popular of all of Donizetti's operas during the nineteenth century, for its dark subject matter and somber tone appealed powerfully to Romantic sensibilities. The premiere took place on December 26, 1833, to mixed reviews, due to a variety of problems. But the work quickly gained in popularity, and its first run lasted for 33 performances

Gennaro falls for Lucrezia instantly, as things often happen in opera, until he discovers that she is the reviled Lucrezia Borgia, who willfully poisons rivals in love and in politics Lucrezia Borgia: Directed by John Charles. With Joan Sutherland, Robert Allman, Margreta Elkins, Ron Stevens Lucrezia Borgia egy opera seria (eredeti neve: Melodramma) egy prológ és két aktusok (öt kép) által Gaetano Donizetti ( zene) a librettó szerint Felice Romani alapján a dráma Lucrèce Borgia által Victor Hugo. Az első fellépésre 1833. december 26-án került sor a milánói Teatro alla Scalában Lucrezia Borgia may not belong to the Tudor Trilogy of Donizetti operas, but it is still among the most challenging operas for the lead soprano in the composer's oeuvre. The work had its world premiere on Dec. 26, 1833 at La Scala and while it did well throughout the 19th century, it struggled to find an audience throughout the 20th {

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Some people believe that Lucrezia Borgia had slept with and killed an incredible number of men. The belief probably originates from Victor Hugo's play from the 19 th century, and the opera based on it. In actuality, there is no proof that Lucrezia Borgia killed anyone; the deaths around her are connected to her father (Pope Alexander VI) and her brother (Cesare Borgia) Lucrezia Borgia is a melodramatic opera in a prologue and two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Felice Romani wrote the Italian libretto after the play Lucrezia Borgia by Victor Hugo, in its turn after the legend of Lucrezia Borgia. Lucrezia Borgia was first performed on 26 December 1833 at La Scala, Milan When an opera, without actually maintaining itself in the repertory, nevertheless is an object of occasional revival, it is sure to contain striking passages that seem to justify the experiment of bringing it forward again. Lucrezia Borgia has a male character, Maffeo Orsini, sung by a contralto. Orsini;s ballato Lucrezia Borgia opera di Gaetano Donizetti, rappresentata per la prima volta al Teatro alla Scala il 26 dicembre 1833. Il libretto di Felice Romani è basato sulla tragedia di Victor Hugo (che tuttavia non apprezzò l'adattamento)

Lucrezia har också en framträdande roll. Neil Jordan har gjort en ny TV-serie av historien 2011, med samma titel. Lucrezia Borgia (opera) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood I detta datorspel har Lucrezia en av de större rollerna tillsammans med sin bror Cesare Borgia. Referenser. Svensk uppslagsbok, Malmö 1939 Find recording details and track inforamtion for Lucrezia Borgia, opera - Gaetano Donizetti on AllMusi Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia is an astonishing showcase for an astonishing singer, with vocal lines that defy belief and achingly beautiful melodies. But more than that, it's a first-rate drama, with poisonings and betrayals galore, and a captivating tale of ruthless people going to extraordinary lengths to have their way Donizetti's opera Lucrezia Borgia: containing the Italian text, with an English translation and the music of all the principal airs. [Oliver Ditson & Co., 277 Washington Street, Boston, 18--, monographic, 1800] Image A mupa.hu oldal sütiket és más kódokat használ a honlap megfelelő működésének biztosítása céljából, a weboldalon nyújtott felhasználói élmény fokozása érdekében, továbbá ennek segítségével készít elemzéseket az Ön számára releváns, személyre szabott ajánlatok összeállításához

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  1. Lucrezia Borgia Vita di Lucrezia Borgia, protagonista del Rinascimento. Storia - Approfondimenti — Vita di Lucrezia Borgia, la figlia illegittima di papa Alessandro VI. Origini pensiero e.
  2. Lucrezia Borgia is an opera seria (original name: Melodramma) in a prologue and two acts (five pictures) by Gaetano Donizetti ( music) with a libretto by Felice Romani based on the drama Lucrèce Borgia by Victor Hugo. The first performance took place on December 26, 1833 at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan
  3. Coincidentally, Donizetti wrote the opera for Lucrezia Borgia, about the Borgia family, and Lucia di Lammermoor from where Tony Camonte's whistle tune comes. Scarface (1932 film) - Wikipedia More than one hundred operas are based on Hugo's works and among them are Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia (1833), Verdi's Rigoletto (1851) and Ernani (1844.
  4. Lucrezia Borgia ne chante qu'un couplet de « Come è bello » mais donne la rare cabalette (pas très inspirée d'ailleurs) avec reprise et variations, et un seul couplet de la cabalette finale, sans suraigu ni variations. Carmela Remigio s'en tire avec les honneurs, grâce à son indéniable professionnalisme et à un véritable engagement
  5. L'opera di Gaetano Donizetti Lucrezia Borgia è composta da un prologo e due atti ed è basata su libretto di Felice Romani. Il racconto si ispira all'omonimo racconto di Victor Hugo del 1833. Lucrezia Borgia fu rappresentata per la prima volta al Teatro La Scala di Milano per la stagione carnevalesca nel 1833. Per il finale dell'opera il compositore scrisse ben due conclusioni diverse.
  6. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Gaetano Donizetti, Joan Sutherland, Marilyn Horne, Giacomo Aragall, Ingvar Wixell, Richard Bonynge, National Philharmonic Orchestra - Lucrezia Borgia at Discogs. Complete your Gaetano Donizetti, Joan Sutherland, Marilyn Horne, Giacomo Aragall, Ingvar Wixell, Richard Bonynge, National Philharmonic Orchestra collection
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LUCREZIA BORGIA Melodramma con libreto de Felice Romani sobre Lucrèce Borgia de Victor Hugo, y con música de Gaetano Donizetti Donna Lucrezia Borgia (soprano) Gennaro (tenor) Don Alfonso, duca d'Este (bajo) Maffio Orsini (contralto) Don Apostolo Gazella (bajo) Ascanio Petrucci (barítono) Oloferno Vitellozzo (tenor) Rustighello (tenor) Gubetta Belverana (bajo) Astolfo (tenor 'My true friend, together for ever, in life and in death' A fabulous duet from Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia performed by Filipe Manu and Stephanie..

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San Francisco Opera: Lucrezia Borgia, through Oct. 11 at the War Memorial Opera House, 301 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. $21-$389, (415) 864-3330, www.sfopera.com. E-mail Joshua Kosman at. Lucrezia Borgia: opera in a prologue and two acts 1990, Pellinor in Italian 0949697141 9780949697141 zzzz. Not in Library. Libraries near you: WorldCat. 04. Lucrezia Borgia: Kalmus Edition March 1985, Alfred Publishing Company Paperback in English. Lucrezia Borgia is my kind of opera. Bursting with beautiful melodies, brimming with melodramatic action, fast and furious, crammed with georgous costumes and impressive sets, filled with brilliant singing by the four stars and brilliant teamwork of the whole cast. This is grand Grand Opera Gaetano Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia is a dark and scandalous tale of murder and excess. Initially criticized for its audacious nature, the opera has since become appreciated as one of the great masterpieces of Italian bel canto repertoire with glorious arias and stirring choruses Lucrezia Borgia, English National Opera, review. Mike Figgis' directorial debut is visually beautiful but strikingly odd. Rating: * * *

When Gennaro's friends return, they soon recognize that the mysterious lady is Lucrezia Borgia. They then each take turns naming the members of their families who have perished at the hands of the Borgia, thus convincing Gennaro to stay away from Lucrezia. Act 1. Ferrara Lucrezia inser för sent att Gennaro, som inte har flytt av trots, också är bland de förgiftade. Hon avslöjar för honom att han verkligen är hennes son och ber honom att dricka motgiften igen, men det finns inte tillräckligt med motgift för att rädda både honom och hans fem vänner A Lucrezia Borgia egy melodramatikus opera egy prológban és Gaetano Donizetti két felvonása . Felice Romani írta olasz libretto játék után Lucrezia Borgia által Victor Hugo , annak viszont, miután a legenda Lucrezia Borgia . Lucrezia Borgia először végre december 26, 1833 at La Scala , Milánó Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara, his wife (soprano) Gennaro, her son, brought up in secret (tenor) Gennaro's friends: Maffio Orsini (mezzo-soprano) Don Apostolo Gazella (baritone) Ascanio Petrucci (baritone) Oloferno Vitellozzo (tenor) Jeppo Liverotto (tenor) Gubetta, Lucrezia's secret agent (bass) Princess Negroni, Lucrezia's friend (silent Synopsis from Lucrezia Borgia from Gaetano Donizetti. PROLOGO A Venezia durante il Rinascimento È notte: Gennaro e i suoi amici, fra i quali Maffio Orsini, stanno partecipando a una festa mascherata a palazzo Grimani; nel corso della conversazione viene fatto il nome di Lucrezia Borgia

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  1. Album: Donizetti, Gaetano: Lucrezia Borgia, videó: Lucrezia Borgia fnálé_1. Bezár. Szeretettel köszöntelek a Operaslágerek Klub közösségi oldalán! Csatlakozz te is közösségünkhöz.
  2. Lucrezia Borgia. Opera in un prologo e due atti. Compositore. Gaetano Donizetti. Librettista. Felice Romani. Anno di composizione. 1833. Lingua originale. italiano. Personaggi. Alfonso I d'Este, Duca di Ferrara (basso o baritono) Lucrezia Borgia, sua consorte (soprano) Gennaro, capitano di ventura (tenore) Maffio Orsini, nobile romano.
  3. Tout savoir sur Lucrezia Borgia, l'opéra de Donizetti avec la revue L'Avant-Scène Opéra : livrets, guide d'écoute, études, discographie et vidéographie comparées
  4. Lucrezia Borgia - Salzburger Festspiele I come from a 3-day intense Salzburg Festival expedition, it was absolutely exhilarating. The first show we saw was a concert performance of Lucrezia Borgia , by Donizetti, where my beloved Juan Diego Flórez had his debut as Gennaro
  5. Learn Italian with Lucrezia Borgia (opera by Donizetti) Lucrezia Borgia is a melodramatic opera in a prologue and two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Felice Romani wrote the Italian libretto after the play Lucrezia Borgia by Victor Hugo. Lucrezia Borgia was first performed on 26 December 1833 at La Scala, Milan
  6. Lucrezia Borgia: Directed by Brian Large. With Joan Sutherland, Alfredo Kraus, Anne Howells, Stafford Dean

Donizetti's opera Lucrezia Borgia : containing the Italian text, with an English translation, and the music of all the principal airs by Donizetti, Gaetano, 1797-1848; Romani, Felice, 1788-1865. Lucrezia Borgia Lucrezia Borgia, brewer of poisons, adulteress and murderer, does her best to live up to an image of womankind created by men, and just as passionately she does whatever she can to find a new identity. Her son Gennaro falls in love at first sight with her - unaware that she is his mother. Overzealous, in the circle of his young friends, he disgraces her name into Lucrezia Borgia. See Photos. Watch Videos. Read Articles. Also of Interest: San Francisco Opera Tickets; In Song; Sfopera - Capulet Program Book; 301 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102-4509 San Francisco Opera is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our federal tax ID is 94-0836240.

Lucrezia Borgia (opera) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ‹ The template below (Donizetti operas) is being considered for deletion. See. Production title : Lucrezia Borgia - La Monnaie (2013) Work - Composer : Lucrezia Borgia - Gaetano Donizetti Opera house : Théâtre Royal de La Monnaie - De Munt Lucrezia Borgia er en opera seria (originalt navn: Melodramma) i en prolog og to akter (fem bilder) av Gaetano Donizetti ( musikk) med en libretto av Felice Romani basert på dramaet Lucrèce Borgia av Victor Hugo. Den første forestillingen fant sted 26. desember 1833 på Teatro alla Scala i Milano

Lucrezia Borgia (operă) de Gaetano Donizetti (1833) Cinema. Lucrezia Borgia, cu Maria Gasparini (1919). Lucrezia Borgia, cu Vittoria Lepanto (1912). Lucrezia Borgia, cu Diana Karenne (1919). Borgia, cu Irene-Saffo Momo (1921). Lucrezia Borgia, cu Liane Haid (1922). Cesare și Lucrezia Borgia, cu Edwige Feuillère (1935) Lucrezia Borgia: opera in two acts and prologue 1870, Boosey in Italian, English - Royal Ed. bbbb. Read Listen. Download for print-disabled 15. Lucrezia Borgia: melodramma in un prologo e due atti. Da rappresentarsi nel Regio Teatro della Scala, l'autunno 1865. 1865, R. Stabilimento Tito di G. Ricordi. Born into a nest of scorpions and vipers, subjected to rape and incest, treachery and betrayal, Lucrezia has emerged hardened, embittered and callous, yet blessed by one single saving grace. Rabihah Davis Dunn and Shouvik Mondle return to the Pocket Opera stage to bring Donizetti's bel canto masterpiece to life Lucrezia Borgia Il est un 'opéra dans un prologue et deux actes composé de Gaetano Donizetti entre Octobre et Décembre 1833, avec un livret de Felice romani, basé sur la tragédie éponyme Victor Hugo (1833).. La première représentation a inauguré Carnaval saison du Teatro alla Scala de Milan 26 décembre 1833. Le casting direct Eugenio Cavallini inclus Henriette Méric-Lalande, dans. Lucrezia Borgia: Prologo (act) 2. Lucrezia Borgia: Atto I 3. Lucrezia Borgia: Atto II: is the basis for: Fantaisie de Salon sur des motifs de Lucrezia Borgia Fantaisie sur des motifs de l'opéra Lucrezia Borgia de G. Donizetti, S. 399a Fantasia on Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia, op. 108 Fantasía sobre motivos de Lucrezia Borgia Réminiscences de.

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La Lucrezia Borgia che il festival Donizetti Opera propone al Teatro Sociale di Bergamo è uno spettacolo velato di oscurità e marcato dalla violenza. Il giovane regista Andrea Bernard non ha voluto inserire alcuna suggestione rinascimentale, ma ha preferito ricostruire un incubo di colpevolezza per la protagonista. In effetti, già Felice. Lucrezia Borgia plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. Based on Victor Hugo's play Lucrece Borgia, Donizetti's opera is an Italian period drama of intrigue, mystery, and murder, set against a beautiful bel canto score Opera Na kanwie plotek i faktów z życia Lukrecji powstała opera pt. Lucrezia Borgia Gaetano Donizettiego do libretta Felice Romaniego na podstawie sztuki Wiktora Hugo . Wystawiono ją po raz pierwszy w 1833 w Mediolanie , prapremiera polska odbyła się w 1843 w Warszawie Browse 177 lucrezia borgia stock photos and images available, or search for cesare borgia or pope alexander vi to find more great stock photos and pictures. Covered staircase leading from the palace of Lucrezia Borgia to via Scellerata, Rome, Lazio, Italy, engraving by Lancelot, from Roma la Capitale... LoftOpera presents Donizetti's Lucrezia. Definitions of Lucrezia Borgia (opera), synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Lucrezia Borgia (opera), analogical dictionary of Lucrezia Borgia (opera) (Hungarian

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Lucrezia Borgia de Donizetti John Pascoe (mise en scène), Riccardo Frizza (direction) - Avec Renée Fleming (Lucrezia Borgia) - Opéra de San Francisco En quelques mots... Renée Fleming, « la chanteuse d'opéra américaine la plus saluée et la plus appréciée » ( The Times ), réalise au San Francisco Opera une prestation. Lucrezia Borgia is a melodramatic opera in a prologue and two acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Felice Romani wrote the Italian libretto after the play Lucrezia Borgia by Victor Hugo, in its turn after the legend of Lucrezia Borgia.Lucrezia Borgia was first performed on 26 December 1833 at La Scala, Milan Victor Hugo escreveu uma tragédia (peça) baseada no mito de Lucrécia, que foi transformada em libretto por Felice Romani para a Ópera de Donizetti, Lucrezia Borgia , que foi apresentada pela primeira vez no Scala de Milão em 26 de dezembro de 1834. Quando foi produzida em Paris, em 1840, Hugo obteve um injunction contra produções adicionai Lucrezia Borgia es una ópera seria (nombre original: Melodramma) en un prólogo y dos actos (cinco imágenes) de Gaetano Donizetti ( música) con libreto de Felice Romani basado en el drama Lucrèce Borgia de Victor Hugo. La primera representación tuvo lugar el 26 de diciembre de 1833 en el Teatro alla Scala de Milán

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Lucrezia Borgia (18 April 1480 - 24 June 1519) was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, and his long-term mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei.Her brothers included Cesare Borgia, Giovanni Borgia, and Gioffre Borgia.. Lucrezia's family was typical of the ruthless Machiavellian politics and sexual corruption of the times. It was alleged to be characteristic of the Renaissance Papacy The series changed directors last night and passing the baton was a little rough. Search Works. Borgia had a disastrous military career, and he was also cruel to his own family, especially his brother Cesare Borgia and his sister Lucrezia Borgia. It was 1503 when Cesare started to lose his grip. Season 3 Paoli, Abel, Opera Oviedo, Auyanet, Santafé, García González, Zapater, Albelo, Gomez Ruiz, Pedro M., Tagliavini, von Bergen, Mellon, Braña, Belli, Bettella.

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